Monday, 22 August 2011

Decorative tape magnets

I saw this great tutorial on Twirly Betty for making washi tape magnets and decided to make some for the front of my locker.
I definitely recommend checking out the tutorial.

I don't have any washi tape, and I thought regular masking tape would be a bit boring, but luckily the magnetic sheets I have are self-adhesive so I used decorative paper and made it look like tape.

I stuck on strips of paper to the magnetic sheets and cut out strips of that, and then cut the edges to be all jaggedy like real tape.

I couldn't stop as just one lot though.
It's so easy so I made a couple of different sorts with different papers.


  1. It looks so cute. And I love that you did it with paper when you didn't have any washi tape. Clever. Thanks for your comment on my blog and letting me know you tried the tutorial.

  2. lisa, those locker photo washi tape magnets turned out nice!