Monday, 13 December 2010

Bottle top Christmas tree

Isn't it annoying how bottle tops can't be recycled like the rest of the plastics?
It just means we'll have to craft with them.

Making a bottle top Christmas tree uses 6 green milk bottle tops.

Cover the inside with PVA glue and fill them with whatever you have. The shinyer the better.
I used buttons, gems, sequins, glitter, tinsel pipe cleaner.

To make a Christmas card just stick the bottle tops on a folded piece of card and put a star at the top and something at the bottom for the base of the tree.

Kids might also like making a Christmas tree decoration by sticking the bottle tops to a thick piece of card with a hole in the top to thread string through.


  1. awesome! I've been saving all those darn unrecyclable caps for the day when I figure out what to make with them - this is a great idea :) Thank you

  2. Retired teacher.12 July 2017 at 14:07

    You could also add a child's photo. Yes it would be small. But the child would love having their photo, no matter how small. Or their photo could be in the star at the top... Children like seeing themselves in their art.