Monday, 31 October 2011

Fun and delicious!

Want a snack that is both delicious and entertaining?

Then go for breadsticks and chocolate spread!

Because it looks like little people with awesome hair-dos!
(Minus the faces. I added those on the computer)

When I eat this in front of people they all look at me strangely because I giggle to myself before each bite.

This one is my favourite.
Possibly because it meant a lot of Nutella.

And then just for funsies...

But of course, don't get too attached to these little people...

...because you do bite off their heads.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


This is my latest miniature piece.
A run-down shop with evidence of a homeless person living in the doorway.

I made tiny paper cups and a newspaper...

...and lots of rubbish for the pavement.
Notice the mini cigarette butts?
And the general dirt you see is made from bits of dried paint that I ground up with sandpaper.

This 'shook' graffiti is everywhere in Norwich.
I even featured it in my underpass scene last year.

I discovered a good technique for making flaky paint.
I painted the base grey, then put PVA glue in places and painted the green over the top once that had dried.
Then I rubbed away the paint with a wet finger or sand paper, and hey presto; distressed paint.

I decided to give the shop a name that didn't suggest what kind of shop it could be, so that the viewer could decide for themselves.
I thought about using my friends surnames but nothing seemed right, so then I moved onto country singers. I considered calling it Aldeans, Ruckers, even The Shoppe Perry.
But then I remembered this guy.
And McCreerys it was.
Also it kind of looks like McCreepys and that's cool.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Doctor Who?

Remember this post?
Well the Doctor Who loving strikes again. Only this time it was all my Mum and sister's doing.
Not that my Mum loves Doctor Who. It's just she's the only one of us who knows how to crochet.

It's a crocheted plush David Tennant!!!

The pattern is from the Pixelated Mushroom who has loads of Who related patterns and other geekery.
Here he is preparing to fight aliens....on the washing line....
Oh hi!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Commission complete

I can finally show you the commission I worked on over the summer!

It's a fireplace.
Infact it's a scaled down replica of the fireplace from the girl's house who I made it for.

There's one of the copper kettles.

And the clock you've already seen.

I had to make quite a few items for the top but I enjoyed the challenge.

The trophy was the hardest thing to make but I did it.

The fire itself was pretty tricky too but I'm pleased with it.
And so was the recipient!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Tiny toaster

A few weeks ago a friend of mine joked that I should make tiny toasters.
But I didn't take it as a joke, I took it as a challenge.
So recently my friend recieved a package in the mail with nothing but a tiny toaster in it.

Behold; the tiny toaster.

Complete with plug.

The little lever even moves up and down.
Not that you'd ever need it to.
But it's nice to know that it does.

Now, do I make a tiny loaf of bread and tiny jar of jam...?
(No! I've got a dissertation to write) 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Forgotten film

Juice box?
No! It's a camera!
Crazy right?
My sister and I got this camera years ago and then it got kind of forgotten.
When I found it again I discovered it still had a film in so I sent it off to get developed (which is way more expensive then it used to be).

(I can't get this photo to rotate. Just tilt your head...)
I had no idea what was on the film so I was really excited to see the photos.
There's a whole bunch from a school trip in year 9.
Year 9 was about 8 years ago!
Should I admit that I still have the t-shirt I'm wearing in the photos?
I think I just did...

Sunday, 16 October 2011

I'm back and I made a house

 So my laptop still isn't fixed (*shakes fist at PC World*) but I couldn't stay away from my blog for any longer. Friends, I missed you.
During my absence I have returned to uni and made a tiny house.

It fits comfortably on the palm of my hand.
That's how tiny it is.

It's roughly based on this house.
Yes. That's Dawson's house.
I knew I wanted my little house to have a front porch so this was my first point of reference.

It's going to be part of a bigger piece so it doesn't need to be super detailed.

But I did manage some pretty realistic cracks.
They were accidental, just the way the paint dried over the glue, but I think they look good.