Sunday, 14 August 2011

Project Runway Silk Screen

My Mum bought me this Project Runway Silk Screen set, because she's nice like that and was leaving me all on my own to go on holiday for two weeks.
It's meant to be for silk screening clothes but until I find something I want to decorate I've been using it to make art prints.

The set comes with several screens and you just trace the image onto it and paint out the areas you want to keep white.
I started with this picture of my friend Lizzi.
I still need to figure out exactly how to get the best print, because there are a lot of cases of the paint bleeding at the edges.

For the first prints I used acrylic paint and then I tried poster paint.

Then I had the genius idea to make a glitter print!
Instead of putting paint over the screen I put pva glue, then removed the screen and covered the glue in glitter. I love it! 

Then I tried a two colour print.
I printed it four times and that one on the right is the best so far.
The one on the left is a great example of the annoying paint bleeding which make it look like my eye, nose and mouth are bleeding. Not a good look. 

But I will keep trying.
And I may even use it on clothes eventually.


  1. lisa, this is so cool! i wish i had one :D xxx

  2. wow! those look fab. i still have my old screen print thing i've never used since i took the class over 2 yrs ago. what the ______ is wrong with me?