As well as a crafter I'm also an art student specialising in painting, so here's a collection of my paintings separated into three categories; landscapes, portraits and other.

Queenstown, New Zealand 1. 2008. Oil on canvas

Queenstown, New Zealand 2. 2008. Oil on canvas
France. 2008. Oil on card
Budleigh. 2009. Oil on canvas
Coops. 2008. Oil on canvas
Twilight. 2008. Oil on canvas
Taking a Walk. 2009. Oil on wood


Prom dress. 2008. Oil on canvas
Sparks Fly. 2008. Oil on canvas
Self Portrait. 2009. Oil on canvas

Lizzi. 2007. Oil on card

Self Portrait. 2008. Oil on card

Robyn and Lizzi. 2008. Mixed media.

Ami. 2008. Oil on canvas
Self Portrait. 2009. Oil on canvas

Stef. 2007. Oil on card
Imagination. 2009. Oil on canvas
Joss in the woods. 2009. Oil on wood
Self Portrait. 2009. Oil on canvas


Say Ahh. 2009. Oil on canvas
Country. 2009. Oil on canvas

Dead flower. 2008. Oil on card

Grapes. 2008. Oil on card

Garden pot. 2010. Oil on canvas
Garden fork. 2010. Oil on canvas

Bokeh. 2009. Oil on canvas
Mouse hole. 2009. Acrylic on card with computer mouse
Guinea Pig. 2009. Acrylic on wood

Blood clot. 2009. Acrylic paint and string on canvas

Muscle. 2009. Acrylic paint on tights

Bone. 2009. Acrylic paint and modrock on canvas


  1. your paintings are amazing,super nice artistic girl..wish you all the best

  2. Your paintings are fantastic!

    Lindy xxx

  3. i love the guinea pig painting! you are very talented!

  4. I really like your muscle and bone paintings, you are a very good painter :)

  5. wowzers! i love all your work! amazing x