Thursday, 19 July 2012

Paint, Cake, and Lady A

Today I wanted to share this new painting that I completed.
I haven't done much painting recently and when I have it's been landscapes so I thought I'd sharpen up the portraiture skills.

The canvas I used originally looked like this.
A painting from many years ago that I gave up on because it was just not going well.
(Sorry to Laura and Lizzi for making you look like disfigured zombies)
A couple of coats of white emulsion later and the canvas was good to go for a second round.

Now do you guys want to know what I did for my birthday?

I went to see Lady Antebellum in London with my sister!!!
The tickets were a birthday gift from my parents.

They were soooo good!
It was a great night.

I love this photo I took of Charles.
That man knows how to belt out a tune!

Incase you were wondering; my birthday cake tasted delicious.
Here it is all lit up.
Yes, there are 22 candles on it.

And speaking of cake, my friend Stef got me 6 cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery.
(I may have not been able to wait until my camera battery charged to take a photo of them before I tried one)
And I finally got to try a red velvet cake that the blogosphere raves about. Pretty darn good!
There are two red velvet and four vanilla, and that icing is sa-weeet!


  1. Oh yeah, you weren't at home when I made red velvets...

  2. Stunning painting, I adore the shadows on her face.