Friday, 24 August 2012

I'm on the case

Ages ago I bought this case from a flea market in Norwich for £3.
Boom. Bargain town.
I liked that it has a strap as that means I can use it as handbag, in a quirky kinda way.

Even though I planned to re-cover the case I tried to get the square of pen ink off the front.
Water didn't work so I tried some alcohol hand gel and it got some of it off.
The pen had been put there to cover up some writing. I can only make out the words 'steam cleaner' so I have no idea what it's previous use was.

The reason it'd taken me so long to re-cover this case is that I was waiting to find the perfect sticky-back plastic.
I kept checking in Wilkinsons but they didn't have any patterned stuff that would match the red corners of the case.

Until one day I went in and discovered a new pattern!
A red and black New York themed pattern.

The inside was white plastic that was a bit grubby so I re-lined that too with some blue sticky-back fabric stuff.

I can perfectly fit in all my bag essentials; phone, purse, keys, pen, tissues, hand gel, brush and mirror.
This is the closest to a 'what's in my bag' post as you're gonna get.

Now I have a lot of New York themed sticky-back plastic to use.
If only I had a New York trip coming up so I could do something with the photos using this stuff...
Oh wait, I do!!
End of September. So excited.

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