Thursday, 30 August 2012

Plain white t-shirt

Boring shirt --------> Less boring shirt!
I saw this post on Trash to Couture about adding crochet trim down the sides of a t-shirt which is what I was going to do with this plain white t-shirt, until I thought that putting the crochet trim round the middle would look better.

This piece of crochet has been in the fabric drawers forever, so it was nice to finally find a use for it.
I cut the t-shirt across the middle as straight as possible and hand-sewed the crochet to the two pieces.
Bit more skin on show. Goodness!
I also cut a new neckline for the shirt and gathered the middle for a more flattering fit.

My Mum very kindly crocheted some new trim for the neckline to match the original stuff.
She's got skills.

Have you got an favourite ways to fancy up a plain white t-shirt?

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