Thursday, 27 October 2011


This is my latest miniature piece.
A run-down shop with evidence of a homeless person living in the doorway.

I made tiny paper cups and a newspaper...

...and lots of rubbish for the pavement.
Notice the mini cigarette butts?
And the general dirt you see is made from bits of dried paint that I ground up with sandpaper.

This 'shook' graffiti is everywhere in Norwich.
I even featured it in my underpass scene last year.

I discovered a good technique for making flaky paint.
I painted the base grey, then put PVA glue in places and painted the green over the top once that had dried.
Then I rubbed away the paint with a wet finger or sand paper, and hey presto; distressed paint.

I decided to give the shop a name that didn't suggest what kind of shop it could be, so that the viewer could decide for themselves.
I thought about using my friends surnames but nothing seemed right, so then I moved onto country singers. I considered calling it Aldeans, Ruckers, even The Shoppe Perry.
But then I remembered this guy.
And McCreerys it was.
Also it kind of looks like McCreepys and that's cool.

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