Sunday, 23 June 2013

This Week I...

...enjoyed Stotfold's Scarecrow Festival!
This is one of the annual things that makes my little town seem very Stars Hollow-y.

Here are some of my favourite entries.
I particularly like the model pigeons. They look so real!

Even though I think the woman looks like a creepy ghost lady, this one was very well put together.

My friend Lizzi's Mum put together this one, kind of as a comment on what a rubbish summer we're having.
This Santa has the face of David Beckham. When I asked why the creator just said, 'because I like David Beckham.'
Fair enough.
The Santa also had a naughty and nice list so I added my name to it.
On the nice side of course.

I haven't even seen Despicable Me but I love this one.

And just to prove there were some traditional scarecrows; here's one in a bin.

This was the first year that my family entered a scarecrow, but that's a whole post in itself, so come back later in the week to check that out!

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  1. How fun! I also love that you compared your town to Stars Hollow. :)