Monday, 22 March 2010

Fabric scrap ring

Like a lot of people I have loads of scraps of fabric that aren't big enough to use in my usual crafts but I've still kept them. Using materials I had lying around I came up with this cute fabric ring which is a way of using some of the fabric scraps. It can also double up as a pin cushion. 

I started by drawing a circle on a scrap of fabric. The circle is approximately 6cm in diameter. 

I cut the circle out and folded the edge over slightly and sewed running stitch all the way around. When you pull the two ends of thread the fabric gathers like a drawstring bag.

Then I filled the fabric pouch with scraps of felt. You could also use polyester stuffing, but all I had was felt.

I then put a blob of UHU glue on the pad of a ring. This project would probably work better with a ring that has a bigger pad, but all I had was the small one and I didn't want to buy anything for this. It's all about using up what I already have. 

I stuck the ring onto fabric pouch, pulling the edges tight around the ring pad.

You could stop here, but I wanted to add a little more decoration.

I took a length of ribbon and did running stitch all the way along on one side.

When you pull the thread it gathers the ribbon into a ruffle which I put around the ring.

I then put a small circle of felt on the underside of the ring -both glued and sewn- to tidy it up.

This is a great way of using up little bits of craft materials that aren't good for much else. You could also embellish the ring with different ribbons, beads and sequins.