Sunday, 4 September 2011

Craft fair

Yesterday I had a table at a little, very little, craft fair at my local mill.
You know the one; where I held those craft sessions
And because of those sessions I didn't have to pay any commission on the things I sold (the table was already free) because I'd already given enough in terms of my time.
Win for volunteering! 

As well as selling my crafty accessories (which you'll soon see on my Etsy again once I get around to renewing) I also had a few little paintings, cards of my paintings, and bigger paintings for sale.

I didn't sell that much, but lack of commission meant I came away with a profit, and it was a good chance to perfect my stall layout for future endeavours and have a good chat with my friend Stef who was helping me out.


  1. the crafts fair looks awesome! those donut keychains are the cutest things ever by the way. I need more keys....:P

  2. Its look very good...
    Its very good to share your creative items and talent with others... Your fair items are very good...
    Scavenger Hunt Idea