Sunday, 11 September 2011

I made skirt!

All by myself, without my Mum's help.
Granted it is the worlds most simple skirt but I'm still proud.
Especially since the whole process involved putting a new bobbin the sewing machine.

I used this one-hour skirt tutorial on Craftzine, with a few tweaks, and I used fabric that I got at a jumble sale.

The fabric is a little weird, kind of a shiny-feeling polyester, but I love the retro pattern.


  1. It looks amazing your skirt :) Even though I made a few things in the sewing machine I always feel so proud when I make something by myself too :P
    I loved how you styled it!

  2. Looks great & I love the fabric - I am trying to learn to sew at the moment "with a little help from my friends" so I really appreciate how special it is to make something of your own you can actually wear:D

  3. Such a cute skirt! Well done you!