Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Joe Fig; my new favourite

Whilst doing some research for my dissertation I came across the artist Joe Fig.
He is amazeballs!
He creates miniature scenes of artists at work in their studios.
The level of detail is phenomenal.

Here's one of his Jackson Pollock pieces.
They kind of remind me action figures that you get for tv shows, that come with little props to set up a scene.
(I have a couple from Lost. Jack and Charlie in case you were wondering.)
Only these are artist action figures. And I want one. Or all of them.

He's made Chuck Close and his fascinating studio.
If you look back at this blog post about artist studios I actually used this image thinking it was a photograph of the real thing. That shows how realistic these models are.

I definitely recommend checking out Joe's website for all the other models he's made. He's a pretty good portrait painter too.

It's Andy Warhol!
Usually the use of figures in miniature models ruins it a bit for me, because they never look quite right and whilst the rest of the scene can look amazing, the figure always looks obviously fake. This is the main reason I don't use figures in my own work.
But these model artists are so well made and to the same standard as the rest of the piece that I think they're incredible.

Joe Fig makes the model I made of my studio space look pretty rubbish in comparison. Ha.

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