Monday, 26 September 2011

*Imagine the Doctor theme tune as the title of this post*

If anyone is keeping tabs on what tv shows I watch, you can add Doctor Who to the list.
Well, you can pencil it in.

Anyway, I recently spied this Tardis console in a charity shop and bought it for my sister.

It's supposed to be part of a whole set that has all the other interior Tardis elements.
But for £3.99 who's complaining.
And did I mention that it lights up and makes noises. It totally does.

So my sister and I decided to make the rest instead.
There's a lot more that we could add but..well...we kinda gave up.
And it's the Tardis for the 10th Doctor. Cos they're all a bit different.

I also got this tiny Tennant at the charity shop for only 99p.

And here he is chillaxing on the rails, pondering the universe no doubt.

Here's a silly little stop motion of the Doctor in action.


Do you watch the show?
Who's your favourite Doctor?

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