Thursday, 15 March 2012

Geometric Art

 I'm currently drowning in 1x1cm roof tiles so instead of sharing that dull progress I'll show you an artist that came to speak at uni today.
Yes, it's not all studio time at NUCA. Sometimes artists come and talk to us. Quite often they're kinda boring or I don't like the work. 
But the work of Mark Harris caught my eye.

Continuous Offense - Blade
Acrylic on Lambda Print
48 x 30cm. 2007
His slightly earlier work involved painting over photographic prints with really detailed, colourful threads covering the objects.

Continuous Defense - Northern Gate
Acrylic on Reproduction
26 x 19cm. 2008
Another series of work came about after rescuing a bunch of old photographs that his father-in-law was throwing out. He painted futuristic looking 'defences' onto them and I love the mix of styles.

Western District Archway
Collage and Acrylic on Paper
47 x 30cm. 2009
He received the photographs in brown folders which he made collages on using images of buildings and geometric drawings.
Check out the rest of his work here.

The triangular, geometric imagery that features heavily in Harris' work reminds me of Yes and Yes's blog header...

...Elsie's geometric photo art...

...and the Gotye video. Which I'm sure you've all seen by now.


  1. Elsie's geometric art is beautiful :)

  2. Oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd!!!
    I love this song sewwwwwww much. Ace!