Thursday, 1 March 2012

Todays progress, and a sneaky noment

Sorry for being a bad blogger, friends. I feel bad just showing you progress on my degree show piece.
But that will change soon as I have a fun break coming up!

Today I finished making these beasts.
The plinths on which my degree show pieces will sit!
Me and power tools will never be bffs, but I started to get the hang of the nail gun and sander by the end of it.
Now I just need to paint them. Anyone offering?

(I am 5'2", these plinths are 110cm tall. I felt I needed to tell you that as they make me look insanely tiny.)

After all that hard work I refuelled with this cake that my friend Natalie made.
Regular cupcake right?

Oreo, peanut butter, another Oreo, covered in chocolate brownie.
Holy yum!
I'd seen the recipe on Instructables and facebooked it straight to Natalie knowing her love for both Oreos and peanut butter.
She loves peanut butter so much she paid out £7.99 for a box of Reece's Puffs cereal.

The cakes were delicious and we've started thinking of other cookie/spread/cake combinations.
Bourbon biscuit, Nutella, chocolate cupcake?

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