Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Miley Filey System

The other day I was walking through my favourite 99p shop and was stunned to see many copies of the Miley Cyrus book, Miles To Go. And they were the hardback edition!
She is worth so much more than 99p.
So I bought a copy, which is fair enough, except...

...I already own the book.
The paperback edition which has a different cover and an additional chapter.
And is quite the entertaining read I might add!

After joking that I now have a home copy and a uni copy, I then explained to people that I'd bought the hardback copy for a craft project.

And this is it.

An expander file.

Here's how I made it.

I cut out the pages of the book with a craft knife.
I'm sure I'll find a use for them, even if it's just anonymously mailing my friends a page or two where I've highlighted a hilarious section.

Then I cut two pieces of thick paper with the length of an A3 piece of paper and the same width as the book cover. Mine was 15.5cm
Then I folded the paper concertina style with each fold being 1cm which I measured out first.

I attached some ribbon to the inside of the book cover using strong glue. 

I glued the folded paper to the edges of the inside of the book cover and stuck another piece of paper on top, over the ribbon, to keep things neat.
Gluing the paper to the other half of the book cover can be a bit tricky because that folded papers likes to flick out.

Then I cut out rectangles of paper, mine were 15.5x23cm, to be the dividers in the folder.
I put them in every other fold and glued them in place at the edges.

Then my folder was ready to fill with photos, leaflets from things I've been to and general life ephemera.

I want to come up with a clever name for this project, something that plays on the fact 'miles' rhymes with 'files'....
Miley Filey System?
We'll go with that for now.


  1. Wow! Im not the biggest Miley fan but I love this idea!! You should make a video so you can explain it in better detail. I would love to do this. Brilliant!

    - love Ellen xx

  2. Stunning, just browsed through my local stationary supply store to find a smallish file to put my tax receipts in whilest on the road. Nothing. Now I am going to make my own! Will need to practise first though. Thank you so much.