Friday, 29 June 2012

The Degree Show

The degree show opened earlier this week and we had the private view on Tuesday.

To see how I made the tree piece click here and here.

And these are the deets for the house; wallsbricksinteriorpavingporchappliancesfront bedroomrubbish binroofback bedroomdetails

Our business cards are all kept together in these specially made pigeon holes.
Here's Natalie modelling mine.

My work seems to be getting a fair bit of attention. I love seeing people walk around the entire house and peer into each window.

And so that you guys don't feel left out, here's a video showing my work so you can view it as if you're there!
(If you're one of my friends or family that are coming to see the show, don't watch this video. Spoilers people!)

The other artist who have work in this room are Clare MillsAndy ReeveJon Jensen, and Will Reid.
Andy has already sold two of his piece. One of them was to John Hurt.
You know, famous actor John Hurt. He's the new provost for our university.
When he looked round he didn't seem to interest by my work, as he was too busy figuring out which of Andy's he was going to buy (the most expensive!).
But his wife had a good look at my work!

If you happen to be in Norwich the degree show is on until Tuesday 3rd July.

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