Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Doodle book

This book used to be my favourite when I was younger.

Because it was my doodle book!
My Dad got this book from his work and it's full of blank pages ready to be drawn on.
Half of it is shiny paper perfect for felt tip pens and biros and the other half is matt paper for pencils.

I drew all kinds of stuff in here;

Dolphin eating chocolate and drinking 'Cola'? Check.

A chef with checked trousers serving lobster? Check.

3-headed guy with a funky sweater? Yep, there's one of those too.

Being a girl there's a lot of drawings of ladies in big dresses.
This is one of the stranger ones.
Why are her hands poking out from those mad hips?

This lady who looks like her dog also belongs on the crazy train.

As a kid I liked drawing conveyor belts and machines (I could watch this clip over and over), so here's one I drew of my version of the production of cola.
(Sorry it's a bit faint, I tried to up the contrast)

There's a few of these in my doodle book.
I think I saw the idea somewhere. There's a good chance it was Art Attack.

I drew these mazes everywhere.
And things are getting serious when I start colouring them in.

And I'll end on this little guy.

I'm glad I still have my doodle book. It's fun too look through.
And there are still a few blank pages, so maybe I should go back and fill them.

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