Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My house is my personal gallery

Some of my art that's around my house I have put there, but some has been put up by my parents on their own accord.
Yay proud parents!

This triptych is hanging in the hallway right where you come in the front door.
My Dad actually commissioned me to paint it.

Another painting is hanging in the living room. Mainly because there was a spare hook there.

This painting at the top of the stairs just appeared here when I came home from uni.

In my sister's old room I've made use of the picture hooks she had in the wall.
It's also where I store some of my larger paintings.

And my other sister hasn't even moved out yet and I'm already using some of her shelves to keep my miniatures.

So I have art work in almost half of the rooms in my house.
I'm slowly taking over.
Need to find some bathroom appropriate art...

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