Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New York!

So here's what I got up to in New York

After flying from Nashville to New York, in a tiny little plane, Joss and I were reunited with our other sister Lucy who wasn't too bothered about Nashville so she just joined us for the NY part of the trip.

For lunch one day we went to Ellen's Stardust Diner.
All the waitstaff are singers and take it in turns to perform around the diner.
This is our waiter Rufus singing Folsom Prison Blues (Of course! Can't escape country) complete with tambourine.
Also that day we went to the Broadway flea market which benefits the Broadway Cares charity.
It was pretty much the reason why Lucy decided we should go to New York at the that time.

On another day we explored the lower half of Central Park which included eating a delicious lunch from Whole Foods on some bleachers. Yes I did pretend I was in Grease.

And speaking of lunch I had some of the best sandwiches in New York, actually in America generally.
My favourite was a honey maple turkey and bacon from The Bread Factory. So good!

And speaking of bacon my sister got interviewed in Times Square about the bacon shortage that might happen! Check out the footage here. Oh, and did I mention the interviewer was a Muppet? So good!

We walked the High Line, which is a public park built on an old elevated rail road.
You know I love miniatures so it was cool to come across this little guy.

We went on some bus and boat tours including a night tour where I got photos like this one.
We also went on a bus tour round Brooklyn and as we went over the Manhattan bridge the tour guide got out his phone, put it to the microphone and started playing 'Empire State of Mind'. It was awesome. 

Of course we couldn't go to New York without hitting the shops.
Though my favourites were the toy stores (also the chocolate stores for the free samples). We went to FAO Schwartz looking for the walk-on piano like in the movie Big, but we ended up finding the place you can get your very own Muppet made! My sister was willing to hand over the $99 to do so and that's her Muppet on the left.

So that was my holiday.
Have any of you been to New York? What's your favourite thing about it?

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  1. I was so confused with the mini! I thought you were jumping...I was all, "Dang that girl is good, I would of been making ten kinds of funny faces!"

    Very cool!