Friday, 5 October 2012

Photo book

When I saw this handkerchief journal on A Beautiful Mess I knew that I just needed an excuse so that I could make one myself.
A friend's birthday is the perfect excuse

Instead of using a handkerchief, which I didn't have, I just sewed the cover out of a piece of fabric.
I put some thick card into the front and back so the the cover wasn't floppy.

This was my first time using the zig-zag setting on the sewing machine. It was very exciting.
I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me.

For the pages I did like the original tutorial did and used pages from an old book.
Now some people have a big issue about destroying old books. I don't.
I have one old book that I bought for £1 and whenever I want to use book pages, which isn't all that often to be honest, I use them from that one book.

I used 12 book pages as that's the maximum amount that the sewing machine needle would comfortably go through.

I used this book as a photo memory book for my friend Stef.
I put one photo per page and added some coloured paper for added interest.

I also wrote the date and occasion because as we get older it's going to be harder to remember this stuff.
I mean, Stef's 23 now! That's almost ancient!

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