Thursday, 11 October 2012

Open Exhibition

I mentioned on Sunday that I'd been helping to put up the open exhibition at the arts centre, but I didn't tell you that I have two pieces in it.

I put in my recent self portrait with the pink jacket.
I had a bit of an issue over how to hang it. I didn't want to get it framed because for one that's expensive as the board didn't fit a standard frame from a shop, but also I think the messy, unframed look suits the urban feel of the painting.
The woman in the framing shop suggested I use some sticky patches that are usually used for hanging decorative plates. The patches have a metal ring on the them and I was able to attach hanging wire to the rings of two patches. It worked a treat!

Everyone at the arts centre has been saying, 'Lisa, there's a painting that looks like you.'
To which I reply, 'It is me! I did it!'

I also put 'McCreerys' in the exhibition, a piece I made at university.
It was highly commended for the prize they were giving out!

To make the piece exhibition worthy I attached an MDF base and back to strengthen and straighten it out.
I think I might go through all my old pieces and do that same as it makes them look much better.

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  1. So crazy to have an x-ray of your mouth. If I had one, I'd keep it on my phone too so I could show it off as well!!

    P.S. I'm so glad you love my Nerdy Book Clutch tutorial. (It's my favorite project too!!) I'd love to see yours if you get a chance to make one. :)