Monday, 1 October 2012


I'm back from my holiday!
Did you miss me?
Now, I don't know how interesting people find other people's holiday photos, but I'm going to share just a few of mine anyway and give you a little recap of what I got up to.
Today I'll show you Nashville.

It's fair to say I was pretty excited to be in Nashville.
My first impression was that it was so warm! Even at 6 o'clock in the evening when we arrived.
My second impression was that everyone was so friendly! Mainly the bus drivers, who were super helpful. We used buses the whole time we were there, not one taxi, and I'm very proud of myself for figuring out the public transport system.

Downtown Nashville is awesome!
There was live music coming out of every bar as you walked along the streets.
And it was country music. And I knew the songs. That doesn't happen in England.
It was great not to be the minority when it comes to being a country music fan.
(Note how I'm not wearing tights or a cardigan even though I packed plenty. It was like a proper summer!!)

That's me with Taylor Swift's actual laptop!
Boy oh boy, exciting stuff.
That was at the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum which had an exhibition of all of Taylor's costumes and props from her Speak Now tour.

That's my sister Joss and I on stage at the Grand Ole Opry!
We took the backstage tour which was very informative and I especially liked the video pieces by Blake Shelton.
You see the circle of stage we're standing on that's different to the rest?
That's a piece of stage taken from the original home of the Opry, the Ryman Auditorium, so that everyone who performs there gets to stand on the same stage as the greats.

That evening we saw the show at the Opry which was amazing.
The performers were Lori Morgan, Riders in the Sky (they wrote the 'Woody's Roundup' song from Toy Story!), Jimmy Wayne, Connie Smith, Bill Anderson, Kellie Picker (pictured), and Dierks Bentley. So good!
The highlights for me were Kellie Pickler singing 'I Wonder' and Dierks Bentley singing 'Home'. I love those songs.

On one of the days we walked round Hillsboro Village which is full of lovely little shops.
It's also where the Pancake Pantry is.
So good!
Go on their website and listen to their theme song. It is hella catchy.

One evening we were walking round our neighbourhood, which was basically Music Row, and I noticed the building which houses Big Machine Records. That's the label Taylor is on.
I'm not a stalker, I just recognised it from google maps....again, not a stalker.
We were also walking around hoping to catch a glimpse of filming for the new tv show Nashville (which I watched the pilot episode of on the flight over). They were setting up equipment at the top of our road but we didn't manage to see any of the actors. Still very exciting!

On our last full day in Nashville we saw the Kings of Leon!
They were being awarded a star of the Music City Walk of Fame.
We only found out about the event the day before.

Check it out; it's Caleb!
In the evening my sister and I watched to local news to see the coverage of the event and to our surprise there was a shot of us!!
Check out this clip and see if you can spot us.
(Here's a clue - we're both wearing hats!)
So that means we're pretty much famous now.

And then it was on to New York, but I'll leave that for another day


  1. My sister lives in Nashville with her family, and even though I've been to visit several times, I've never done any of the tourist type stuff. Maybe because I'm not a huge country music fan, or maybe because we're always busy doing family stuff. But anyway, I agree that Nashville is a cool, laid back kinda town. Glad you had a good trip! :)

  2. I went to Nashville just last summer as well! I really enjoyed it, there's such an energy there and so many more trees than I would have imagined! I always love when a city has a lot of greenery. I also visited the Grand Ole Opry, it's such a cool place!