Friday, 11 November 2011

Baby on the Doorstep

This is my newest miniature.
I'm finding I'm doing more exterior pieces compared to last year. I guess it's good to try out different things.

It's a cute little bungalow with a baby in a box on the front doorstep.
This actually happened in my home town, except the baby was in a plastic bag not a box. Sad.

This is the first piece where I have an actual person in it. Usually I make a point of leaving figures out but it wouldn't have worked without the tiny baby.
I painted a bead skin coloured and tucked it in some fabric which I folded swaddling-style (a trick I learnt from Lost) to look like a blanket. 

The slate roof tiles were cut from black paper with white chalk over it, and then individually glued to the roof.
In a recent tutorial my tutor said they were "bloody good".
Yes, some people in England actually do speak like that.

I tried to challenge myself a bit with the piece so instead of plain windows I tried out a stained glass effect. From a distance it looks alright.
The door knob is an earring stud which was conveniently the right size.


  1. This miniature is fantastic! The detail on the door is really wonderful. So sad that the subject matter came from such a horrible thing though.

    Also thanks so much for checking out my blog and commenting. Glad you liked our little silly halloween video, it was pretty fun to make. I hope you keep coming back!

    Little Lady Little City

  2. The roof slates look great.
    And the whole house does look so real.

  3. The roof slates technique is awesome but tedious.
    Your blog is truly inspirational and you made me want to work on my dollhouse once again despite my very hectic schedule. :D