Friday, 25 November 2011

Step up

My latest miniature has this set of stairs in it.
I've made 2 other staircases before but I think this is my best yet, structurally anyway.
These stairs from last year were all kinds of wonky, but it was dark in that box so noone could really tell.
I do really like this set of stairs, but the method was a bit annoying.
See how I made it here.

For this set of stairs I did my best to make sure the steps were all the same size and didn't warp when I glued them together.

I was also feeling ambitious so I went for a banister with spindles.
If I were to make it again I think I'd tried and add carved details to the spindles, but this time I just wanted to make sure that they were all the same length.

You should be seeing the rest of this miniature some time next week!
I'm off to go finish it.

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