Monday, 14 November 2011

More hairbands

Things I need more of :
Words on my dissertation.
Things I don't need more of :
Hair bands.

So guess what I did this weekend...

Made more hair bands!

Well, assembled more hair bands, rather than 'made'.
I just took some of the butterflies my Mum crocheted and attached them to some new elastic hair bands that I bought.

I've used these butterflies to make necklaces before, some of which you can find in my Etsy shop.
*cough* shameless promotion *cough*
Here and here.

Is ombre hair still on trend?
I hope so, because I'm never on trend but as my dyed hair (that I dyed well over a year ago and was supposed to be semi-permanent!) grows out it's kinda looking that way. Aces!

And welcome to new followers!
And of course hello to y'all who have been with me for longer.
Thanks for being here.
I wish blogger had a better way to reply to comments to we could actually have a proper, like, conversation.
Or as we say in the art school world 'start a dialogue'.


  1. These are so cute. Omg your blog is awesome. The best creative one I've come across!

    I love being creative too. I just made an outfit that I've recently done a post on.

    Want to follow each other?

    Xox Soph.