Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Studio tour

I've been back at uni for over a month now so it's about time I showed y'all my studio space for this year.

This is my table which usually looks this messy.
Most people - especially in the painting department where I am- use the wall to put their work up, but since my work is 3D I use my wall to put up things that I like to look at.
Like a photo of my friends back home and a Tim McGraw poster.

I share the space with my friend Natalie and we've really made it our own.
For a start, we got a carpet!
It's more comfortable with it because we can go shoes off.
We managed to get a 5ft8 square piece for £5. Bargain!
Now imagine 5ft2 me carrying it back from the shop. 

This is the shelving unit that I brought in for us to share.
Check out all our books. We impress ourselves with our mad reading skillz.
And that open orange drawer is our snack drawer! Nom nom nom.

And this is just to show you a little comparison between other peoples spaces.
Some people prefer minimalist, but we like colourful and comfy!

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  1. MUCH prefer your side to the boring side!! and wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog! I'll read through your archive when I have more time! xxBelle du Brighton