Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Halloween was on Monday and I went as an impaled girl!

I think my costume was pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
And it cost me all of £1.30 and that was for the t-shirt from a charity shop.

The pole was a cardboard tube that I painted silver and put a belt through one end which was hidden under my t-shirt. Sneaky.
A little drippy mouth blood, black eyes and messy hair and it's creepy time!

My friend Natalie went as a scary doll, Lucy was Lady Gaga and Ryan was a scarecrow.

We went to our SU bar and I'm pleased to say the pole held up to all the dancing.

Did you dress up for Halloween?
Do you prefer a creepy costume or dressing up as a character?


  1. Well done on an amazing costume :] I love it xxx

  2. that's completely original! it looks like it hurt. did it? was it uncomfortable in anyway? i prefer character costumes.