Monday, 13 February 2012

And so it's begun... degree show piece.
Or at least thinking about it a lot.

And this is what I'm thinking.
Two plinths. One with a house and one with a tree.
Stuff is going to be going on in both of them, but it's a bit too early for spoilers.

These models are miniatures of miniatures.
They're scaled down versions of what I ultimately want to make, just so I can give my tutor an idea of what I have in mind.

I tried to make these models exactly to scale, a 10th of the actual size they're going to be.

It involved a fair bit of planning.

And some maths.
But I actually quite enjoyed that.

As for the content of the pieces, I've been thinking about the last two minutes of this Roswell episode and have been watching a lot of Dateline NBC

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  1. Very cool! I love seeing the plans and schematics for a piece of art. Awesome work!