Wednesday, 8 February 2012


My parents bought me this book on model making for Christmas and it is the bomb-diggity (people still say that right...?)
It's got a great section on making surfaces and I've been trying out some of the ideas.

Which includes using tea from a used tea bag.

Crushing up egg shell.

And using herbs, which is making my studio space very... fragrant.

To put the materials into practice I made this simple piece.

The tea forms the basis of soil along with some paint and glue, and I added some of the egg shell too.
The mixed herbs, plus a bit of green paint, make the grass.   

This piece gave me a chance to practice printing bricks using my brick stamp.

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  1. The bricks look really great - very realistic. I love all of your miniatures ^_^ I'm gonna have to follow your blog to keep up with all of your neat creations. If you like my blog, I'd be honoured if you'd follow me back. We can be artsy buds! :D