Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Can't Quote The Book

Here's the final piece from my exhibition which was a collaborative piece between Natalie and I.

I made this chair over Christmas which was a definite challenge but I'm really please with how it turned out.
(Apologies for the less than perfect photos. I still haven't decided on a new camera to buy. Any suggestions?)

There's an open book on the arm of the chair and a pair of glasses on the floor; what's going on??
The glasses were made from twisted jewellery wire and dried PVA glue for the lenses.

I also made a rotary phone which I like almost as much as the chair. You can't see it but I made a tiny plug for it to go in the wall. 

This was one of the miniature portraits Natalie painted for the piece.
The girl's got skills.


  1. OMG thats amazing.. You're really talented.. The chair is really nice.. how long did it take to make?? And how small is that potrait? she really must have mad skille :) I'd recommend a nikon camera.. Ive got the d3100, it's really simple and straightforward, but they all are nowadays x

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure how long the chair took me, I did bits of it every day for a few days.
      And the portrait is about 2 x 3 inches.

  2. The small portrait and the tiny glasses are my favourite! I wish I could visit your exhibition, too! It looks really good. Congratulations!