Monday, 20 February 2012

New skillz

I have learnt a new skill.
Macramé knots.
I learnt it here. 

This is the first bracelet I made using the technique.
For the centre cord I used a piece of black elastic so I wouldn't have to bother with working closures.

This is the set up I use.
The laptop playing 4od is very important.
And you see the green bead? I move it left to right so I don't forget which order I'm knotting, because when I'm watching 4od, it's easy to lose track.

I also tried knotting around a thin metal bangle with beads on the edges, which turned out well.
I think it looks like Christmas.

And I knotted around an elastic hair band which is pretty cool.

Now I have to stop myself from looking at things and wonderful if I could Macramé knot around them.

Friends, I will be cutting back to 2 posts a week for the next for weeks because with my degree show piece being one long project I have less new things to blog about.

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