Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Doing a Dexter

No I haven't been killing people.
I've been looking at blood patterns.

It all started with this book I got out from the uni library.
'Exploring the cutting edge in forensic science'

And they are not kidding with the graphic material warning on the front cover.
Stages of decay anyone?

My degree show piece is going to have some blood in it, so I've got to make sure it looks right, hence the reading about blood patterns.
And because I'm an art student I thought I'd get the water colour paints out to illustrate.

Blood drops.
Circular, and from heights greater than 50cm they start to spray out around the edge dontcha know.

Blood flying through the air, looks like exclamation points.

It's what often happens with gunshot wounds.

And more misting, cos it's fun to do.
I blew on the paint brush so the paint splatters on to the paper.

So yeah, I have some interesting hobbies.

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