Thursday, 24 May 2012

Celebratory beach trip!

It's done!
The degree show is installed and ready for marking.

Remember how the base of the tree warped? Well in the end I had to screw it directly to the plinth. I say 'I', Steve the wood workshop guy did it for me. Thanks Steve!
So that was annoying, but not as annoying as when I found that the driveway of house had warped. After trying to fix the problem with wishful thinking I had to glue it to the plinth.
Oh wells.

To celebrate our final assessment hand-in I went to the beach with some of my friends like we did last year.
The weather was much better this year.

You have not seen excited until you've seen me at the beach. Especially if I've just drunk Fanta.
I ran all over that beach!

I also get far too excited at the 2p machines. 
Natalie and I successfully shifted two Disney notebooks on one machine but they got stuck coming out. So we got the man who opened up the machine to get them out, and he gave us a third one as well! Boom!
Then we moved to a different machine and got a keyring.
2p machines are the bomb-diggity. Anyone agree?

The boys decided to brave the sea, regardless of whether they had suitable swimwear.
Crazy fools.

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