Wednesday, 9 May 2012

House progress: Roof

The house has a roof!
Took long enough!

The roof panels start out like this.
Lots of 1x1cm square piece of card.
I got very excited the other day when my friend lent me a War-gaming making book and they'd used the same method for roof tiles. It means I'm doing it right.
Each roof tile is then glued to a piece of mount board which I measured out horizontal lines on.
That's the part that took a long time.
For example, when working on one panel I got through the last Harry Potter film, A Town Called Panic, an episode of The Voice and an episode of Casualty.
But, in my defence, A Town Called Panic has subtitles so I had to keep stopping to read. 

Once all the titles were stuck I went over them with chalk and charcoal to make them look weathered and added some 'moss'.

I made guttering and drainpipes out of drinking straws.
Cutting straws so that they're straight is hard, so just don't look too closely.
They really help the piece look like a proper house.

I also made lead flashing out of paper that I painted a silvery grey.
I didn't know that it was called lead flashing before this, so it's nice to see that I'm learning something.


  1. INCREDIBLE!! I am in awe!

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