Friday, 18 May 2012

Goodbye studio

Two weeks ago we had to take down our studio spaces so that they could be turned into the exhibition spaces for our degree show.
So I had to say goodbye to my studio space.
My lovely, lovely studio space that had almost become a second home.

To see what it looked like back in October click here.

After taking down all the pictures, dismantling the shelves and bagging up our belongings, the only thing left for me and Natalie to do was remove the carpet and throw it in the skip.
Sad times.

Speaking of bagging up all of our belongings, these are mine.
And that's not even all of it, as I had already taken away a few bags in the days leading up to this one.
So much stuff!
Once I move back home for good I'll have to find somewhere to put it all.
My sister is moving out soon.....who thinks my Dad should let me turn her old room into my studio?
*Raises hand*

In the week before the studios got completely dismantled I took some photos of the room I was in.
This is Will's stuff. You can view his paintings here.


  1. Hi Lisa, thanks so much for the blog love! I love your 'superman' diamond refashion! gotta love a good bargain! :)

  2. My studio looks just like this as well!! starts off all nice and pristine.. then boom! paint everywhere

    xx Elly @ jazzlipsandtulips

  3. Oh what a shame that you had to take your studio space apart! It looks lovely.