Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The best portraits I've ever painted ever

Before I made tiny things I used to paint. A lot.
You've seen a lot of my landscape paintings but I also used to do a lot of portraits. Infact at A level I did a whole project on portraits which I got full marks for. Boom.
So here are a few of the best portraits I've ever painted ever.
I got this painting professionally framed and it's currently hanging in my house.
I think I like the collar bone best. Is that weird?

Self portrait.
There're quite a few of these but I like this one because it's a bit different.

This is my friend Stef and I think the painting really looks like her.

This is the first version of a few paintings of my Grandma that I did for A level.
This lady lived to be 101.
I love this fun painting of my friend Lizzi, and it was a lot of fun taking the photo to paint from.
This painting was done when we were 16/17 and she's got a lot more shoes now so maybe I should do an updated version with her entire collection.

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  1. WOw, i'm always blown away by how talented you are. :] XX