Sunday, 1 January 2012


I'm gonna do a little look back at the year from the perspective of my blog. This also happens to be my 300th post so that's nice.
Over the year I got quite a few new followers so it'll be a chance for you to see some new stuff if you weren't here to see before.
I've picked out a post from each month of the year.

In January I had my only little solo exhibition at my uni of my miniature work.

In February I put together a sequin shoulder jumper.

In March I had fun making a tiny letterman jacket.

In April I made this awesome Sha necklace, which was the first of a few wire necklaces that I'd go on to make and put in my Etsy shop.

In May I got my hair cut!
Then I donated the hair.

In June a trip to the beach with my friends inspired me to paint.

In July I had a birthday! This was my awesome CSI cake.

In August I tried my hand at silk screen printing and things got better when I added glitter.

In September I made a tree with a tire swing which I went on to sell at the end of the year for a very good looking price.

In October I shared the fireplace I was commissioned to make that I'm very proud of.

In November I showed y'all around my studio space at uni that I share with my friend Natalie.

The best thing about December is Christmas so here are the decorations from my house.

What's your favourite thing about 2011?
Got any major plans for 2012?
Hopefully, I'm going to graduate! Eeep!

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  1. Looks likeyou had agreat yeah and i'm gla your getting success with your miniture they really are the coolest things your very talented! x