Thursday, 26 January 2012

If I Die Young

Here's one of the new pieces that was in my exhibition.

The whole thing was inspired by the music video for If I Die Young by The Band Perry.
The video is a tad random, and the brothers are a little creepy looking but I still can't stop listening to the song or watching the video.

The piece is a boat on water with the bank either side.
For the trees I just took twigs from my garden instead of making new trees which would have taken forever.

I even included the book that's in the boat at the end of the video that says Tennyson Poetry on it.
I think people thought it might have had a deeper meaning to it...but it doesn't! 

For the river bank I scrunched up newspaper and covered it in wood filler which I then painted and added bits of green sponge which I had left over from making the tree.

The water is about 4 layers of PVA glue. It was looking really good after layer 3, but layer 4 made it go a bit cloudy. Never mind!

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  1. your miniature art is awesome! i took a look at the other photos of your exhibition, very nice!