Friday, 6 January 2012

My work on display...

...or is it?
My fellow student Holly (previously mentioned here) currently has an exhibition on at uni entitled Yours?
She invited me to a group crit for it and I didn't really know why until I saw this.

She has taken work by a group of students and outlined where it would go in the space with orange tape.
Then she has given the work a new context and interpretation in the description. And in my case she even gave it a new title.

She did this all in secret and we didn't know about it until the exhibition went up. But none of the artists featured minded, as the only thing she has taken that really belongs to us is our name, and maybe the idea of a piece of art.

I was happy for my work to be included - well, the idea of my work - as it gave it a new way to be read and interpreted, which was very different to my original intention.

The exhibition brings up the question of authorship. My piece has my name on it, which makes it mine, but Holly physically put it there, making it hers.

And this is what art school is all about.

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