Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Too Small

Here are some photos from my joint exhibition 'Two Small' which is up this week.

It's in the same space as my Tiny Little Dark Things exhibition last year.

The exhibition also features work by my friend Natalie.

She paints miniature portraits and in addition to presenting them in traditional frames she also painted tiny faces on a stone and a shell that she collected on a recent trip to New Zealand.

I decided to give my pieces titles as I think it adds something extra to them.
And because I can and nobody can stop me, all of my titles are from country songs.
(Which did prompt my tutor to ask me if I also do line dancing. No. No I don't)

Who wants to see if they know which 5 songs the titles came from?
Some are easy and use the song title and others just use a lyric or part of a lyric.
Give it your best shot.

Can't Quote The Book

If I Die Young

I'll show you closer looks at the new pieces soon as I get my new camera today! Yay!

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  1. oh, this is absolutely gorgeous. Lovely idea!