Monday, 19 December 2011

Decorating for Christmas

The Christmas decorations are up!
Actually, I put them up the evening I came home from uni.
Talk about eager!

I saw this idea for pine cone photo frames on the Martha Stewart website and thought they would look great hanging from the fireplace.
So I started by going through old photo albums looking for photos from past Christmases which is always fun.
The smaller photo is my sister when she was younger and that cutie with the blonde curls in the top photo is me with my Dad.

I cut out circles from a cereal box to stick the photos to.
I removed the pine cone bits with some pliers. Apparently the bits are called scales but that seems weird; they're not fish!
Then I glued the bits to the card with strong glue and added glitter to some of the edges.

I made four in all to hang either side of the fireplace.

I love putting baubles in glass vases ever since I saw it done on Young House Love a few years ago.
The pine cones in that vase are the ones that have fallen off our fake tree over the year.

We've even got a vase full of candy canes. Delicious and decorative.

And of course the tree.
It's looks pretty similar to last year; keeping it tradish with red and gold decorations.

Holy Christmas!
Here it is in the dark.

Merry Christmas!

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