Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Miniature knitting

Isn't this incredible!
I haven't actually seen the film Coraline but that is some crazy skill going on there.
After watching this video I decided I wanted to try miniature knitting, and I've finally got round to it.

Only, I haven't done any knitting for a long time, probably since I was in single digits, and my Mum did all the casting on for me.
So first I had to learn how to knit, and youtube helped with that.
Now, it might have been easier to learn on a regular scale and then get smaller, but I jumped straight to miniature and learnt as I went.

Here's attempt 1.
For knitting needles I used pins which are really slippery and the cotton thread I was using as wool kept slipping off .

But I persevered and here's attempt 2.
A little neater but I still kept losing stitches so I gave up on this one too.

Then with attempt 3 it suddenly started to work.
Obviously it took a while if you look at the bottom, but I got there eventually.

It looks like proper knitting!

It really is tiny but I feel like I've mastered a new skill.


  1. Thanks for your comment! This teeny tiny knitting is so impressive you must have the patience of a saint, Id would give up after 5mins!x

  2. O
    You are at least 100 different kinds of awesome did you know that? This would blow my mind even if an experienced knitter did it... but the fact that you hadn't known how to knit before makes it so much more amazing!!!!

  3. this is gobsmackingly amazing, and awesomely cute!
    I cannot knit that well with huge chunky knitting needles, so would have NO CHANCE at this!