Friday, 23 December 2011

Handmade Christmas

My friends and I have a tradition of The Annual Gift Exchange where we exchange our Secret Santa presents. Although it's not very secret as we usually know who's got who within seconds of handing out names, which is usually some time in September.

This year I got my friend Laura who had expressed some interest in my handmade hair bands.
So as part of her present I made her a special bow hair band.

It's cream fabric with white lace over the top.

She loved it and didn't realise it was handmade until I told her.

I received so many glittery and sparkly things from my friend Lizzi!

The afternoon also included putting my camera on self-timer and setting it to take multiple shots, and deciding we should be in different positions for each shot. Hilarity ensued.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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