Friday, 9 December 2011

Fabric covered bottle cap

Behold; the fabric covered bottle top.

It's a like a fabric covered button but a lot cheaper to make. Cheaper as in free, as long as you have bottle caps and fabric that is.

I saw the idea on Sew Take A Hike.
The fabric covered bottle caps there were used to make a trivet, but I have no need for a trivet in my life.

So I added one to a yo-yo which could easily become a brooch or a hair clip.

And I put some on a hair band.

(Fun fact; two of the fabrics used in this post came from the bottom of dresses that I had shortened.)

Any other ideas for what I can use these fabric covered bottle caps for? Because they're so easy to make.


  1. Love this! great little tutorial. Thanks! :)

  2. You could make several and make a Valentine's Day card or something. Sweet idea!