Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pipe cleaner Christmas tree

 Playmobile people deserve a Christmas tree too.
I think it might be a human right...

Here's a how I made this pipe cleaner Christmas tree for my dolls house.

Start off with one green pipe cleaner and bend three little legs on the end so it stands up.
If it's a little wonky that's ok; it just makes it more realistic. I mean, who's Christmas tree actually stands up perfectly straight?
I think using a tinsel pipe cleaner would look good too, especially a silver one.

Cut up pipe cleaners into varying lengths and twist then onto the main pipe cleaner, with the longest bits at the bottom.
I think I used four pipe cleaners in all.

I added additional branches to some of the lower parts to bulk it out a bit.

Then I added a gold tinsel pipe cleaner and some red beads for the baubles.
This photo doesn't show it too well but I also found a silver star shaped bead to go on the top.

To complete the scene in my dolls house I wrapped up some random items to go under the tree and I made some paper stockings to hang on the fireplace.

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