Friday, 2 December 2011

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

Let's take a little break from art and craft and talk about Christmas music.
Now that it's December I can start listening to Christmas music!
I like to limit myself to just December because otherwise it's not as special if I can listen to it all year round.
Here are a few favourites.

Gold and Green by Sugarland.
That whole album is amazing but I think this is my favourite song.
And J-Net is the best!

White Whine in the Sun by Tim Minchin.
This song is a little bit different and I actually do listen to it all year round. Probably because it's not a 'Christmas song', it's just a song about Christmas.
Also it doesn't feature any jingle bells.
But I like it, and it's a nice reminder that Christmas doesn't mean snow for everyone.

Sesame Street - Keep Christmas With You.
An absolute classic in my family.
We have the 'Christmas Eve on Sesame Street' special, which was filmed in 1978, recorded on video after Follow That Bird. Last year my sister got the video converted to dvd so now we can watch it forever!

I may or may not be planning to go buy Elmo's Christmas Countdown on dvd tomorrow...

So what's your favourite Christmas song?
I'm not really a huge fan of Christmas party songs. I'd take N Sync singing O Holy Night over Wham or Slade any night.
Any night of December that it.

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